NH TechFest Canceled

Jun 6, 2020 | NH TechFest | 0 comments

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We Need to Announce that NH TechFest is Cancelled for 2020.

Even though the stay at home order will soon be lifted, it appears that Social Distancing will be with us for the foreseeable future. Schools have yet to determine if it will be safe to return to the classroom in September. So, our wonderful event will take a backseat as the world around us works to figure out what the “New Normal” looks like.

We Are Not Going Away

We started NH TechFest to increase the accessibility of STEM careers and bring cool tech to students. By showcasing the latest technology by New England companies, Middle and high school Students could touch, try, or play with new and exciting tech developed locally. Students were also given an opportunity to talk to scientists, and engineers and learn how they could pursue those careers as well. And, this experience has changed lives, and gotten students excited about pursing a STEM related career path.

As our use of technology expands so does our need for workers in the tech sector, and as technology is constantly changing the need for new skills continues to grow, and NH TechFest will continue to share that story with teens.

Our New Normal

While we wait for the time when we can once again put on a live event, we will look for new ways to engage young people looking for their future. In the coming months we will explore new ideas and new ways to share new technology and science careers with teens.

How Can You Help

We are looking for a few new people to join our committee. NH TechFest is a 501(c)3 non-profit and is operated 100% by volunteers. If you find our mission exciting and have an idea to share, a knack for fundraising, PR, organizing, or helping out wherever the need may be; please email us at

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